Laura "La" grew up in Baltimore, MD, the youngest of three children. She is a former competitive figure skater turned yogi and wellness guru. She loves exploring the world  in search of healthy food, natural products, and new workout trends. But let's back up a second...several years after college, while working in experiential marketing in NYC, she became fascinated by the impact that real whole foods have on the body, as well as activities like yoga & pilates that activate that mind body connection. In 2014, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  Though she will be the first to tell you that this hasn't been easy, it reignited her passion for healthy living and made her more resolute to help others with whatever their struggles may be.  She hopes to one day say that she is 100% back to normal and can help others with their personal journey to finding long lasting health. 

Currently Resides: Northern New Jersey

Favorite Meal: Maryland Crabs!

Favorite Yoga Pose: Fire Log Pose

Favorite Figure Skater: Michelle Kwan/Sasha Cohen/Nancy Kerrigan

Favorite Movie: Center Stage