Yoga for Kids & Figure Skating


Kids Yoga:

Think yoga is just for adults? Think again! Yoga helps children develop body awareness and can build concentration to help combat ADD and ADHD, among other benefits. Kids yoga is FUN and allows kids to have a positive experience doing yoga and moving their bodies. I wish adult classes followed these principles!  My favorite aspect of kids yoga, however, is that it plants the seeds for a lifelong yoga practice. Growing up, I often thought of golf and tennis as a the ONLY activities that were considered lifelong. Yoga is a lifelong practice too! 

I am available for hire for a KIDS YOGA BIRTHDAY PARTY! Contact me for more information!

Figure Skating:

My interest in teaching kids yoga stems from spending the majority of my life teaching kids how to ice skate! Skating is my original passion!

 Do you dream of gliding effortlessly on the ice with the wind in your face? Or, just looking to give a lesson to your daughter or son? I offer private and semi-private lessons in the northern NJ area.