Sakara Life - day 1

Sakara Life is an organic, vegan, GMO free, diary free, plant based, gluten free, superfood intense, GOOP-approved, meal delivery service, made popular by such celebrities as Lily Aldridge, Lena Dunham, and Karolina Kurkova. Sakara Life was founded by 2 best girl friends after being fed up with living toxic lives in NYC.  I've been wanting to try Sakara Life (Sakara translates to "with form" in Sanskrit) since its inception in 2011 but their price point has always held me back. 

Feeling bloated from too many summer BBQs and with a member discount from Parsley Health, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered the 3 day cleanse from Sakara Life. I didn't really know what to expect because I've only talked to one friend who has used it. From looking as pictures and reading the menu, the portions looked a little small, and I was worried I'd be so hungry that it wouldn't quite be a "cleanse." Boy, based on Day 1, I couldn't be more wrong!

So my Thursday got off to a slightly unexpected start. Because my thyroid medicine requires me to wait an hour before I eat, my plan was to wake up, teach an hour yoga class, come home and eat my Yoga Bunny Breakfast. On my way to teach, my personal trainer, Kate, texted me to see if I could come in earlier for my personal training session. This meant that I didn't end up eating my muffin until 11:30am. I was starving, and I was expecting this little muffin to keep me full for about an hour. Granted I had some coffee with almond milk in the morning, this little muffin was so delicious and kept me full for about 4 hours. I'm not even sure what was in it.. quinoa flour and carrots I think. The orange paste on the side was super yummy. NO idea what it was!

Lunch and dinner have been giant salads with some sort of fixings. Now usually, I like to have grilled chicken on my salad and I also end up craving something a little something extra, popcorn, piece of fruit, crackers with hummus, etc. This salad was very satisfying and didn't leave me craving anything additional. I did add avocado and a little dressing to the greens. The dressing that comes with the salads are so delicious but I wish there was about 4 extra tablespoons of it.

Dinner was "pad thai" which was basically another huge salad with kelp noodles. Usually, I don't like eating salad for lunch and dinner but I love anything pad thai so I was happy to eat this for dinner. Again, it was tasty and filling. I wish it had more kelp noodles but it was still a great dinner. I did end up eating some grapes and cashews afterwards. Each day comes with chlorophyll water to drink before bed. My one experience with a chlorophyll shot from Organic Avenue made me almost puke so I was a little worried. This chlorophyll water tastes like water, not the aforementioned chlorophyll shot, and goes down easy. 

Overall, I'm really happy I bit the bullet and ordered Sakara Life. I feel like I sound like a broken record but it's filling and delicious. Best of all, as Elle Magazine reported, it takes the guess work out of cooking and eating. Everything is perfectly proportioned. It's nice to come home from teaching a night yoga class and know that I'm going to have a light yet filling dinner that will sit well in my stomach