The 10 Rules of Weight Loss that Lasts

It's that time of year again... New Year, New You. With so many people making New Year's Resolutions to lose weight, I thought this article in Shape Magazine's January/February 2016 issue by Beth James, offered good comprehensive advice to help you stick to that resolution. Here is a condensed version:

1. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle.   To shed weight and keep it off, you need to make permanent changes. It's ok to indulge on occasion, but the diet mindset leads to yo-yo dieting. 

2. There's a right way to exercise. Cardio gets all the credit but strength and interval training are the real heroes. Be mindful that your cardio workout isn't making you eat more.

3. Don't overreact to mild hunger.   Some women have a hard time losing weight because of hunger anxiety. If you are someone who carries snacks with you, don't eat the snack because it is there or obsess over the KIND bar in your purse. The fact that it is 3pm shouldn't send you racing to the vending machine. Try to put off eating until you are truly hungry. The way to determine this, is what I call the fish and broccoli test.  Are you hungry enough to eat fish and broccoli or do you just want that energy bar because it tastes good.

4. Not all calories are created equal. Take in fewer calories than you burn, right? Simple. Not quite. Process foods can disrupt the hormone signals that tell your brain you're full. Try to eat whole, unprocessed foods. 

5. Protein,produce, and plant based fats are your weight-loss trinity.   Eat the three P's regularly to drop pounds. Aim to incorporate each of the three P's into every meal.       

6. Meal skipping, juice fasts, and crash diets don't work. Always

7. How you eat is as important as what you eat. Slow down. Remove distractions. Smell it. Chew slowly and don't put another bite on your fork until you swallow. 

8. Weigh yourself

9. Sleep

10. You will hit a plateau and you can bust through it. Strength train or cut an extra 100 calories per day.